Assistant Pastor

Pastor Jason DePoy is the Assistant Pastor of Faith Word Fellowship Inc., which is Faith Word Fellowship International in Buffalo, New York and Faith Word Fellowship Canada in St. Catharines, Ontario. Pastor Jason has been in the ministry for over 12 years and operates in the ministry office of a Teacher, as well as flowing in the Prophetic.

Jason is originally from Buckhannon, West Virginia. He grew up in a Christian household and knew at a very early age that he was called to preach. Like some, he ran from that calling until the age of 28 when he finally accepted the assignment God had for him. Unbeknownst to Jason, that all came about by God setting up a providential moment for him to meet Pastor Cheryl in a work environment. From that meeting, he was introduced to Pastor Mark.

As if a huge weight had been lifted from him, he was immersed in ministry training in 2004, as Pastor Mark was starting a ministry training class and extended an invitation for Jason to be a part. Jason became an avid student and disciple as he developed the ministry gifting that God had deposited within him. After 2 years of ministerial training, Jason was licensed as a minister of the Gospel at Faith Word Fellowship International in November 2005. Then after completing further training and ministry development for 2 more years, Jason was then ordained in ministry in 2007.

After developing a covenant relationship through the years, Pastor Mark was led to install Jason as his Assistant Pastor of Faith Word Fellowship International in January 2014. Jason, after prayerful consideration and feeling honored by his Father-in-the-Faith and mentor’s request, accepted. The congregations of Faith Word embraced this installation as they witnessed one of their own being elevated in the work of the Kingdom. Now as Assistant Pastor, Jason serves Pastor Mark and the congregation of Faith Word at their two locations. Jason currently resides in St. Catharines, Ontario with his wife Pam and their two daughters Emma and Lauryn. God has used Jason’s family relationship to reveal to him many spiritual truths.

Jason and Pam have been married since 2002 and have learned how to create a God-centered marriage through the mentorship and guidance of Pastor Mark and Pastor Cheryl. Pam, who is originally from Muskoka, Ontario, has fully supported Jason in his ministry assignment since the first day he accepted his call. Like Jason, Pam has embraced Faith Word Fellowship as a divine assignment, and she too, honors the covenant relationship her family has established with Pastor Mark & Pastor Cheryl. In addition to being a mother to their two girls, Pam is a talented custom cookie artist as well as an entrepreneur with her husband in their Christian apparel business, “God & me Christian Apparel.”