We are building people of vision, people of valor, and people of victory !!

Faith Word Fellowship is a place where you can connect. A place to establish relationships. A place to give and receive love, encouragement, friendship and care. A place where you can learn to be transparent and put down the masks forever, as you learn to receive your healing and walk in wholeness. Faith Word Fellowship offers various small groups and ministries for every interest and need.

Faith Word Fellowship is a Word Church. By this we mean that we take the written Word of God to be our Supreme Authority for life, faith and confession. Here at Faith Word Fellowship, the Word of God is taught boldly, without apology and without compromise.

Faith Word Fellowship is a Charismatic Church. By “charismatic,” we mean we believe that we may receive the fullness of God’s Spirit today just as the disciples did in the book of Acts (2:1-4).

Faith Word Fellowship is a Church of Love. People find acceptance and forgiveness when they attend our services. The needs of the people are met by the love and power of Jesus! It is also a new-level church. The atmosphere is saturated with a spirit of hunger to push you to a new level in God.

Faith Word Fellowship is a Faith Church. We believe that God wants us to have far more than that which we can handle and see. We teach not to be moved by what you see, feel, or hear; only be moved by the Source of faith - the Word of God! Without faith it is impossible to please God! Faith has the power to make you what God wants you to be. It is the very nature of God, changing you from strength to strength and from glory to glory.

Pastors Mark and Cheryl are dedicated to teaching their congregation how to take the Word of God from the Bible and "apply it to their lives. To learn more about Faith Word Fellowship, please see the church history page by clicking here